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Founded more than 229 years ago, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the original, and longest running, guide to daily living. We are much more than a brand or a publication. It is a community of 84 million adults: in fact, 1 in 6 Americans (and 1 in 5 Canadians) are a member of our community. We value an authentic connection to our families, our friends, and our surrounding environment, which becomes increasingly more important in our modern, technology driven world. Our community’s members rely on us for our long tradition of accuracy and reaffirmation of core values and beliefs. We have a commitment to connecting our community members to the businesses that help them achieve a better life. We’d love to work with you.

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Our Community

Our audience is a cross-section of North America itself. From the small farmer in the Midwest to the suburban family focused on sustainability and connection to the environment, our community members have one thing in common: They seek to lead informed lives honestly, valuing innovation, durability, reliability and trustworthiness.

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Avid Gardener


  • 86% are active gardeners.
  • To find their gardening supplies, 1/3 of our gardeners use mail-order catalogs and nearly half purchase online.
  • 54% of our Garden Guide audience tend a garden 200-square-feet or larger.
  • Gardening is one of our MOST POPULAR areas of content
  • 41% of our audience spend6+ hours a week in their garden.

Natural Health


  • 77% of our community members are environmentally conscious. 
  • 68% take care of themselves and their family with regular use of vitamins/supplements. 
  • NEARLY HALF buy organic and nontoxic/biodegradable items.



  • Our audience rolls up their sleeves. 58% are more likely than the average adult to be a DIYer.
  • Our members are TWICE AS LIKELY as the average adult to take on summer home improvements.
  • Our audience is interested in arts and crafts, indexing 27% higher than the average adult.

The Cook/Baker

Baker Cook

  • 71% of our audience seek information on kitchen gadgets/tools and 58% look for cooking/baking ingredients.
  • 2 OUT OF 3 readers preserve/pickle their garden harvest.
  • 43% of readers have referenced a food article and 48% have cooked a recipe.
  • 61% of our audience invest in organic food/products.

Our Products

Our products are your platform.

As one of the most trusted brands literally in the world, the OFA brings instant credibility to, and interest in, its partners. When you work with us, we connect you to our community using the tools that suit your company, your product, and your message best.


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