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2023 Spring Weather Forecast: A Spring to Warm Up To?

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Spring 2023 Weather Predictions (March, April, May)

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Winter may end in a cold blast in many regions, but hold on to your hats! The updated 2023 Spring Weather Forecast favors a fairly average spring with a few exceptions. Here is the seasonal temperature and precipitation outlook for March, April, and May—covering the U.S. and Canada.

Spring officially begins, of course, with the spring equinox, which arrives this year on March 20. 

Spring Temperature Outlook

Spring as a whole has the potential to fairly mild across much of the U.S., with some exceptions:

  • Warmer-than-usual temperatures are expected in Texas-Oklahoma, the Deep South, and Florida.
  • Expect below-normal temperatures in parts of the Rockies up through northern Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. 

Don’t be surprised to experience pockets of chillier air across the mid-Atlantic, Appalachians, and the Rockies.

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Spring Precipitation Outlook

  • Precipitation looks to be on the wet side in the Upper Midwest, in the Appalachians, and into the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Expect below-normal rain in late spring in Southern California and Southwest.

Elsewhere, expect fairly normal to above-normal precipitation throughout much of the country, including Texas-Oklahoma. 

Hopefully, by the time Easter arrives on April 9, we’ll have left wintery weather behind us!

Springtime in Canada

Canada will tend to be drier in eastern areas and wetter in central and western parts of the country. Temperatures will largely be near or above normal, but the chill may hold on longer across the Northwest Territories.

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March 2023 Highlights

The vast majority of the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) is looking at a pretty mild March. For many areas, there will be some early tastes of spring. Expect pockets of chill across New England, Florida, and parts of the Great Lakes. Across Canada, near- to below-normal temperatures are expected from Atlantic Canada back through Quebec, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories. Above-normal temperatures are forecast elsewhere.

Looking at precipitation, near- to above-normal precipitation is expected in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, perhaps a sign of a late-season coastal storm or two. On the flip side, much of the Southeast, Great Lakes, and Plains will be on the drier side. Near- or above-normal precipitation is forecast from the Rockies back through the Southwest, while the Pacific Northwest will likely end up a little drier. Alaska and Hawaii will see near- or below-normal precipitation. In Canada, most areas will see above-normal precipitation in March, although we could see some drier pockets across Quebec and the Northwest Territories.

See the March 2023 Forecast page.

April 2023 Highlights

Overall, April temperatures will be cooler than normal across much of the United States but warmer than average across Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Hawaii. It will be wetter than normal from the Appalachians and Southeast across the Deep South and Heartland through the Rockies to the West Coast and drier than normal elsewhere. In Canada, the weather will be cooler and drier than normal over much of the East and warmer and wetter than normal across the rest of the country.

May 2023 Highlights

After what will have been a somewhat chilly April, the month of May could see the thermometer really rising across much of the United States. Temperatures are expected to be above average across many parts of the country, with the exception of the Intermountain West. Across Canada, while the Northwest Territories are expected to be cooler than normal, the rest of the country will see near- or above-normal temperatures.

With regard to precipitation, May will likely turn out to be drier than average across New England, while the mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions will be on the wet side. Most of the area from the Ohio Valley down to the Gulf Coast will see near-normal rainfall, as opposed to much of the Upper Midwest and Plains, where above-normal precipitation will be the norm. Many parts of the West will be on the dry side after withstanding a very wet (and snowy, in the mountains) winter. Alaska and Hawaii will see near- to above-normal precipitation. In just about everywhere except Atlantic Canada, where there will be a little less rain than usual, Canadians can expect above-normal precipitation throughout the month of May, which means the arrival of quite a few showers to help to get the green things growing. 

Spring Means Gardening

A warmer-than-normal spring temperatures for most of the country is good news for gardeners. No matter where you are, be sure to consult our Planting Calendar for suggested seed-starting and planting dates in your area—and keep an eye out for frost!

→ Looking to get started with gardening? Check out our Learn to Garden hub, a collection of free step-by-step guides designed to teach you everything you need to know about gardening!

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